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A Force to be Reckoned with: XCMG's Green Technology Solutions 2018-07-10

Sustainability is not a new concept in the construction machinery industry. In fact, environmental sustainability is of paramount importance to the industry as it evolves. In the green age, projects are not just measured by their profitability, but also the adverse impacts caused by materials sourcing, construction process, operation and decommission of projects on the environment, the society and ultimately the world.



Being a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry in China, since its inception, XCMG has acknowledged the imperativeness of the pressing environmental issues and strived to strike a balance between service excellence, product quality and environmental protection. In the light of this, XCMG has actively explored and promoted the R&D of energy-saving products. In recent years, XCMG has even taken a step further than sustainability – green construction, a mean to minimize negative environmental impacts during the construction process, and in a certain extent, the way to offset the effects created.



LNG Technology – Opting for green technology is essential in the construction industry as conventional technology, for instances, petroleum generators, causes extensive damage to the environment. In 2010, XCMG played the role of a green trailblazer and launched the first loader that was fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world. LNG is a clean and efficient fossil fuel that helps reduce greenhouse gases and inhalable particles, and combat global warming, as compared to traditional technology. A few years later, XCMG even extended the application of LNG to cranes and truck-mounted mixers, to reduce the business’s carbon footprint to a greater extent.


DPF Technology – XCMG is devoted to integrating environmentally sustainable solutions into its ongoing business. In compliance with the emission standard of China, XCMG Environmental Technology has developed a series of environmental protection equipment timely. In the X1 series machinery, diesel particulate filters (DPF) are applied to reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing facilities by removing diesel particulate matter or grime from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.


Hybrid Technology – XCMG incorporates sustainability into its solutions and value creation opportunities. The gasoline-electric hybrid technology used in XE215HB hybrid excavators, which features excellent fuel economy and outstanding operating performance, provides a way to develop infrastructure while maintaining a high level of environmental sustainability. The hybrid system converts pressure into electric energy and is transmitted to the motor to provide auxiliary power, making the excavator 25% more efficient than traditional hydraulic excavators.


Energy-saving Technology – Many businesses are grappling with the environmental challenges caused by rapid industrial development. XCMG’s business has been sustaining its management practices by harnessing energy-saving technology such as low rotating speed, hydraulic vibration and shockproof frames. Leveraging the energy-saving technology, in 2012, XCMG developed a low-speed road roller, which helps improve compacting efficiency while reducing fuel consumption by 10%.



In a community where people are conscious of the environment, excellent performance will no longer be enough to satisfy their needs. Being capable of developing infrastructure that is environmentally sustainable has become one of the critical factors to succeed in the construction industry. XCMG remains firmly devoted to taking steps to incentivize sustainability in construction, and at the same time, striving for growth with an environmentally-friendly approach.