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A force that cannot be ignored: XCMG Green Technology Solutions 2018-07-10

       Sustainability is not a new concept in the construction machinery industry. In fact, environmental sustainability is critical to the growth of the industry. In the green age, projects are not only measured by profitability, but also consider the adverse impacts of material procurement, construction process, project operation and decommissioning on the environment, society and even the world.



       As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Xugong has been fully aware of the urgency of environmental issues since its establishment, and strives to strike a balance between excellent service, product quality and environmental protection. In view of this, XCMG actively explores and promotes the research and development of energy-saving products. In recent years, XCMG has gone even further than sustainability—green construction, a means of minimizing negative environmental impacts during construction and, to a certain extent, offsetting the resulting impacts.


        LNG Technology – The choice of green technology is critical in the construction industry as traditional technologies, such as petroleum generators, cause widespread damage to the environment. In 2010, XCMG played the role of a green pioneer and launched the world's first loader powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Liquefied natural gas is a clean and efficient fossil fuel that helps reduce greenhouse gases and respirable particulate matter and combat global warming compared to conventional technologies. A few years later, XCMG even extended the application of LNG to cranes and vehicle-mounted mixers to minimize the company's carbon footprint, thereby offsetting the resulting impact.


      DPF technology - XCMG is committed to integrating environmentally sustainable solutions into its ongoing business. XCMG Environmental Protection Technology Company has developed a series of environmental protection equipment in a timely manner according to the national emission standards. In X1 series machinery, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are used to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing equipment by removing diesel particulate matter or dust from the exhaust of diesel engines.


        Hybrid technology - an opportunity for XCMG to incorporate sustainability into its solutions and create value. The XE215HB hybrid excavator adopts gasoline-electric hybrid technology, which has excellent fuel economy and excellent running performance, providing a way to develop infrastructure and maintain a high level of environmental sustainability. The hybrid system converts pressure into electrical energy and sends it to the motor to provide auxiliary power, making the excavator 25% more efficient than conventional hydraulic excavators.


        Energy-saving technology - Many companies are responding to the environmental challenges brought about by the rapid development of industry. XCMG's business has maintained its management practices, utilizing energy-saving technologies such as low speed, hydraulic vibration and shock-proof frames. Utilizing energy-saving technology, in 2012, XCMG developed a low-speed road roller that helps improve compaction efficiency while reducing fuel consumption by 10%.


        In communities where people are aware of their environment, being great will no longer be enough for them. Being able to develop environmentally sustainable infrastructure has become one of the key success factors in the construction industry. XCMG remains steadfast in its commitment to taking measures to encourage sustainability in the construction industry while striving to achieve growth in an environmentally friendly manner.