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Self-Made Chassis Rotary Drilling Rig with the Largest Tonnage Exported by China - XCMG XR460D Assists Zijing No.1 Project in Phnom Penh 2018-07-25

XCMG XR460D, a self-made chassis rotary drilling rig with the largest tonnage exported by China, is used to orderly build the pile for Zijing No.1 Mansion in the buildings and bushes beside Mekong River in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


With self-made track telescopic chassis and large triangle variable amplitude mechanism, XCMG XR460D is characterized with ultra-strong stability; main winch is provided with single-row rope, so as to greatly improve service life of steel wire rope. Engineering pile foundation of Zijing No.1 Mansion is constructed by using XCMG XR460D, so as to achieve a pile diameter of 1.2m, a pile depth of more than 70m, rock entering of above 20m, and average pore forming time of only 10 hours, which gets unanimous praise from the project department by virtue of high construction efficiency.


At present, several sets of XCMG rotary drilling rigs with large tonnage are used for construction in Cambodia. Occasion of falling on the 60th anniversary for establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia, XR460D, bearing a better wish of XCMG for the world and with excellent product performance, is fully used for infrastructure construction in Cambodia.