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XCMG XE85GF: Forestry Light Cavalry Helps You Turn Green into Gold 2023-09-08


       Flexibly shuttling through the mountains and forests, able to climb slopes and cross ridges, with multiple abilities of an iron arm and precise and agile shoveling of wood and soil... In the mountains and forests, if you want to turn "green trees and mountains" into golden mountains and silver mountains, in addition to a pair of hardworking hands, you also need the full help of forestry light cavalry - XCMG XE85GF!

 Traveling through the forest with ease and ease

As is well known, the soil in the mountains and forests is soft, and the road conditions are complex and variable. Ordinary excavators are often not accustomed to the soil and water, but for XE85GF, it is a piece of cake. As a customized fourth national new equipment developed by XCMG excavator for forestry conditions, the XE85GF is equipped with a Kubota turbocharged engine, which has sufficient torque reserves and excellent power performance and fuel economy; Equipped with a torque automatic dual speed motor, it can automatically switch gears according to driving resistance, fearless in climbing sections, and has more advantages in outdoor walking and shuttling.

Relying on the newly optimized second-generation main valve, the XE85GF further improves its handling performance, with complex actions flowing smoothly, fast response speed like wind, and a direct feel for operation.

In addition to a sense of control, the safety and comfort of the driver are also fully valued. The entire vehicle adopts NVH optimized design, with the cab isolated from noise and vibration interference, and the indoor air temperature can maintain the optimal state, greatly improving the driver's work comfort; At the same time, the high-strength skeleton and the cab that meets the requirements of anti roll can better ensure the construction safety of the driver.

One machine with multiple functions, conquering mountains and forests

In the mountains and forests far from the busy city and inconvenient logistics, a fully functional and simple and convenient excavator for maintenance is the dream of all users, and the XE85GF perfectly meets this requirement.

The practicality of the XE85GF excavator is reflected in various aspects. Firstly, in order to be competent for high-intensity operations in mountain forestry, the rotating bearings, shaft sleeves, and supporting wheels of the equipment have been strengthened and improved, significantly extending their service life and reliability. The extended bucket rod effectively enhances the operating range of the equipment.

More importantly, the XE85GF can be equipped with forestry specialized tools such as wood grabbers and planters, supporting mechanical and hydraulic quick changes, greatly expanding the application field of the equipment. Daily operations such as stacking, excavation and transportation, and land leveling can all be handled in one machine, providing comprehensive solutions for various sub operations.

In practical operations, the operator can also switch between economic, efficient, and crushing modes in real-time according to actual needs. Whether it is forestry logging and transportation, or land leveling operations, they can accurately match to ensure equipment operation efficiency.

Considering the complex and varied working conditions in the mountains and forests, XE85GF also focuses on simplicity and convenience in daily maintenance. There is ample space for equipment maintenance and upkeep, with centralized arrangement of engine filters and internal components in the cabin, providing a comprehensive view of maintenance and upkeep, saving time, effort, and safety.