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Telehandler XC6-3514
Telehandler XC6-3514
0086-21-35359336  35359337

The XC6-3514 telescopic jib forkloader is a multi-purpose lifting and handling equipment that combines stability and high efficiency for a variety of material handling environments. The machine has compact mechanism, flexible operation, sensitive lift, automatic leveling, high net load index and precise fork transport.

Adopt the new ergonomic cab and the whole open hood, more solid, more beautiful.

Adopt international famous brand engine, strong power; Imported telescopic arm fork installation special bridge box, stable and reliable transmission.

The world's top full hydraulic wet braking system, smooth braking, reliable, to ensure the safety of driving.

With the function of horizontal frame leveling, strong adaptability to the site, to meet the needs of complex working conditions.

The torque limiting system can be selected to meet the requirements of extreme working conditions and ensure the safety of the whole machine.

It can be equipped with a variety of tools such as cargo fork, high-altitude platform, bucket and clip to meet the personalized needs of users.

The speed is up to 30km/h, and the mobility is flexible.

China telescopic arm fork installation leader.

China telescopic boom fork installation industry standard setter.

Machine weight(±5%)10500kg
Engine power rate70kw
Max. payload4500kg
Payload under max. extension490kg
Max. lifting height(±100)16700mm
Max. outreach(±100)12600mm
Load center distance600mm
Swing angle(±1°)-4~73(°)
Fork decline angle Forwards(±1.5)90(°)
Fork decline angle Backwards(±1)18(°)
Max. traction force≥73kN
Grade ability≥33(°)
Max. travel speed(±5%)35Km/h
Turning radius(outer of the tire)≤4860mm
Brake distance≤10m
Total length(±2%)6890mm
Total height(±2%)2815mm
Total weight(±2%)2500mm
Fork length1200mm