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Mining Truck XDE180
Mining Truck XDE180
0086-21-35359336  35359337

1. Based on the world's leading high-speed rail traction technology, Xugong independently integrates the AC frequency conversion traction system to achieve high power density and lightweight of the frequency conversion traction system.

2. The frame rail adopts equal strength design of box section and is made of high strength and low alloy high quality steel plate, which is implemented in accordance with the Australian welding standard. The rail is fully melted through welding, and the important weld is 100% designed by ultrasonic flaw detection for A life of up to 60,000 hours.

3. Durable cargo compartment. Dustpan shaped cargo compartment, two sides of the edge of the 2° Angle, the tail trapezoidal structure, can reduce the material on the cargo compartment tail wear.

4. The suspension system adopts 4 nitrogen/oil cylinders with variable oil/gas ratio to slow down the impact brought by transportation road surface and loading and extend the life of the frame; The front suspension adopts candle-type independent suspension, and the tipper has high steering stability, good driving stability and comfortable driving. The rear suspension adopts the longitudinal triangular swing arm suspension, which allows the rear axle housing to swing and effectively absorbs the bending and twisting stress generated by the harsh road surface.

5. Ergonomic design of cab. ISO standard FOPS/ROPS cab, safe and comfortable.