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Mining Truck
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Mining Truck XDA40
Mining Truck XDA40
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First, high-end configuration, excellent performance


Imported Cummins high-performance electronic control engine, strong power, low speed and high torque, good fuel economy; The engine monitoring system can monitor the working condition of each cylinder in real time to extend the service life of the engine and reduce the cost of use. MTU engine is optional.

Electric control system

A new generation of electronic intelligent control system, vehicle management system, video image, data recording in one, effectively reduce fuel consumption, improve driving safety and convenient management and maintenance of vehicles; Full LED lamps, green environmental protection and good shock resistance.

Electric drive system

Xugong independently developed AC transmission system, safe and reliable, low failure rate, low maintenance cost; Constant power control can be achieved, stepless speed regulation, traction capacity is strong, to ensure the maximum production efficiency.

Hydraulic pressure system

The steering, braking and lifting actions are hydraulic transmission. Equipped with steering and braking emergency hydraulic source, to ensure the safety of the vehicle under emergency conditions; Constant pressure variable system and imported brake control components are adopted to ensure the braking performance meets ISO 3450 standards. High performance steering control components are used to ensure steering performance meets ISO 5010 standards. Equipped with large flow lifting hydraulic oil source, to ensure the vehicle unloading efficiency.

Two, high-quality driving enjoyment

The new luxurious and comfortable driver system uses ergonomic design. With advanced sound insulation and noise reduction technology, the noise in the driving room is controlled below 75 decibels. Comfortable air suspension seat, high power heating and cooling air conditioning, supercharger, electric lifting Windows, electric defrosting mirrors and other components, greatly improve the driving comfort, effectively reduce the driver fatigue. With multi-duct stereo air supply system, equipped with advanced sound system, all kinds of operation is more convenient and comfortable, within reach. The application of safety technology such as explosion-proof tire and fall-proof object can effectively reduce the injury caused by accidents to drivers and passengers. The large rearview mirror, the front windscreen without A pillar design and the reversing video system ensure the truck has a good full-circle view.

Three, strong, efficient, durable

The frame

The frame is designed with box section and made of high strength and high quality alloy steel plate, which has excellent fatigue strength, low temperature impact toughness and welding performance. Steel castings are used in key stress areas for longer service life.

Suspension system

The suspension system adopts four oil cylinders with variable oil/gas ratio, which can effectively absorb the vibration and impact of the road surface, prolong the life of the frame and improve the driving comfort.

Cargo van

The cargo compartment is welded with high strength wear-resistant plate and low alloy high strength tempered steel for long service life. The dustpan shape of the cargo compartment makes unloading more efficient. The specially designed reinforcement structure can effectively reduce the weight of the cargo compartment. The trapezoidal structure at the tail makes loading more efficient.

Four, convenient maintenance

The centralized lubrication system is used to provide periodic and quantitative lubrication for all the pin shaft and slewing bearing of the movement mechanism. It has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, and greatly reduces the labor intensity.

The maintenance points of each system function area are easily accessible and equipped with lighting, making the maintenance more convenient. Hydraulic system maintenance parts close to the ground, easy to replace.

Fast oil filling system, distributed on both sides of the frame, close to the ground, easy to operate.

Five, the selection part

According to the needs of users, various materials cargo car, anti-rollover cab, hydraulic elevator, weighing system, all-round improve the performance of the equipment.

Rated PowerKw350
Body capacityStruck:17.5/18.5m³ 2:1heaped:22.9/24
Drive style/6×6