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Rotary Drilling Rig
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Rotary Drilling Rig XR150DⅢ
Rotary Drilling Rig XR150DⅢ
0086-21-35359336  35359337

1. Adopt special hydraulic telescopic type (TDP series) crawler chassis and large-diameter slewing bearing for rotary drilling rigs, satisfying super stability and convenient transportation.

2. It adopts Cummins electronically controlled turbocharged engine, which has strong power and meets Euro III emission standards.

3. The hydraulic system adopts limit power control and negative flow control to make the hydraulic system more energy-saving and efficient.

4. The single-rope main winch is used to effectively solve the problem of wire rope wear and improve the service life of the wire rope; and the main winch is equipped with a drilling depth detection device, and the single-layer rope winding makes the depth detection more accurate.

5. The design of the whole machine meets the requirements of CE directives, with guaranteed safety and safer construction.

6. Optional matching pipe drive to meet various needs of customers.

7. Centralized lubrication system is equipped as standard, making maintenance more convenient.

8. A variety of drill pipe configurations are available for selection to meet the efficient construction of different formations.

9. Automatic mast vertical adjustment technology ensures construction accuracy.