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Rotary Drilling Rig
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Rotary Drilling Rig XR150DⅡ
Rotary Drilling Rig XR150DⅡ
0086-21-35359336  35359337

1. Imported Kawasaki hydraulic parts, the power system is reasonably matched, and the construction efficiency is high;

2. The retractable special rotary digging chassis ensures the working stability of the whole machine;

3. The double-box luffing mechanism is convenient for transportation and improves the working reliability at the same time;

4. Imported Cummins engine, unique speed regulation design makes you more fuel-efficient;

5. Centralized lubrication system is equipped as standard, making maintenance more convenient;

6. Optional matching pipe drive device;

7. Equipped with 377 drill pipes, the drilling depth can reach 55 meters.