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Rotary Drilling Rig
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Rotary Drilling Rig XRL100
Rotary Drilling Rig XRL100
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XRL series deep(water) well drilling rig uses full hydraulic control and the top drive to drive the rotation of drilling tools with very high drilling efficiency. Reasonable overall layout uses the tractor-mounted or all terrain chassis for transportation with good maneuverability. Very flexible in difficult roads, it can be widely used in many fields such as resource exploration of hydrology wells, coalbed methane, shallow layer of shale gas, terrestrial heat, etc., and can also be used for coal-mine gas exploitation or salvage work. 

The top-mounted driving head principal shaft has a great drift diameter, which is suitable for many kinds of construction work such as slurry drilling, air drilling, and air foam drilling, meeting the demands of well-drilling in different terrain strata. 

Performance Characteristics:


* Mature and reliable hydraulic top drive power head with large bearing capacity and good sealing effect. 


* The gap adjustable telescopic drill collar can meet the requirements of long casing construction and has high work efficiency. 


* Unique hydraulic matching technology for high system efficiency. 


* Integrated visualization pressurize and pressurize decompression feed system for fine adjustment of drilling pressure according to drilling depth. 


* Four hydraulic high supporting legs are provided to achieve rapid leveling of the rig without lifting. 


* The swing-type centering device provides a wide working space when working.