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Drill Jumbos TZ2T
Drill Jumbos TZ2T
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TZ series hydraulic rock drilling jumbo is a kind of rock drilling equipment that adopts the drilling and blasting method. It is mainly suitable for tunneling and tunneling in tunnels, mines and other underground projects; it can also drill and blast holes, anchor holes, Cutting holes, installing explosives, anchor rods, air ducts and other operations. The equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and can improve the working environment of personnel.

Rock drill: The hydraulic rock drill adopts special structural technology based on the combination of domestic tunnel construction technology. It has the characteristics of super anti-bending ability, high drilling speed and low drilling tool consumption, which can effectively improve the performance of tunnel drilling operations.

Booster: lightweight high-strength alloy beam, high-strength bending, torsion and fatigue resistance, longer service life.

Chassis: High-efficiency and low-emission engine, articulated frame, full-drive adaptive walking system, the whole machine is flexible and easy to pass.

Drill boom: adopts proprietary technology to maintain the drill boom in all directions in parallel, with precise positioning; the drill boom uses a staggered telescopic mechanism to effectively increase the rock drilling range.

Drilling system: It has the functions of automatic anti-jamming, anti-running and automatic back-off, which can effectively improve the drilling efficiency.

Itemunit Parameter

Engine model -shangchai SC4H80G2A
Power /rotating speed(kW/r/min)100/2300