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SANY Truck Crane
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SANY STC550T Truck Crane
SANY STC550T Truck Crane
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Product Highlights

The fully extended boom is 46m long and the lifting height is 62.5m, which ranks first in the industry.

The wide-body control room can be tilted up, and the lifting counterweight can be remotely controlled.

The lifting capacity in common working conditions is increased by 30%.

Electric proportional double variable pump intelligent flow distribution system, precise hoisting.

G-class vehicles, without front protection, have superior passing performance.

The lifting capacity of the commonly used 31-37-meter medium-long boom section has increased by more than 30% on average.

size parameter
overall  length:14350mm
overall width:2800mm
overall height:3820mm
drive parameterTop speed:90Km/h
Minimum turning radius:12m
Max grade:47%