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SANY Truck Crane
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SANY STC1000T Truck Crane
SANY STC1000T Truck Crane
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Product Highlights

The 7-section main boom adopts advanced single-cylinder bolt telescopic technology, the main boom length is 12.3m~64.5m, the basic boom moment is 4920kN.m, the longest main boom moment is 2400kN.m, and the auxiliary boom length is 15.5m, optional One section of 6m main boom extension section and two sections of 6m jib extension section, the maximum lifting height is 97.3m, the farthest hoisting range is 72m, and the installation angle is 0°, 15°, 30°. Compact body design, the length of the whole vehicle is longer than the industry The product with the same tonnage is 1.3m shorter, with 5-axle chassis, 4-axle steering, and a turning radius of 9.8m. The transition is more flexible, and it is more suitable for construction in narrow places such as factories and cities. Equipped with 385 95R25 all-road tires, the off-road performance is better.

Size parametersoverall length:14276mm
over width:3000mm
over heigh:4000mm
Driving parameterstop speed:85Km/h
Minimum turning radius:9.8m
Maximum grade:45%
Weightoverall weight:54990kg