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SANY Reach Stacker
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SANY SRSC45H9 Reach Stacker
SANY SRSC45H9 Reach Stacker
0086-21-35359336  35359337

Product Highlights

Reliable: More than 10 years of technology accumulation, 3900 products market verification, excellent quality, heightened intake pipe and intake pre-filter, adapt to harsh environment requirements, full-vehicle LED lights, long life, 20,000 hours without cracking

Efficiency: faster lifting speed, higher work efficiency, more sensitive control, faster response, intelligent gearbox, smooth shifting, energy saving and high efficiency, efficiency increased by 10%

Energy saving: energy recovery technology, pioneer of green energy saving, H-type monocular spreader, lighter and stronger, saving one car a year

Configuration Specification Engine:VOLVO
Engine rated power:265kW/2100rpm
Maximum torque/Rotating Speed :1780Nm/1260rpm
Gearbox:DANA TE30
Tire Size:18.00-25 40PR