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DGY55Pipe Layer
DGY55Pipe Layer
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DGY55 high-drive crawler-type pipelayer is a new type of crawler-type hydraulic pipelayer developed by our company following the development trend of international pipelayers, according to domestic and foreign market demand, and based on the concept of modular design. The whole machine is composed of a high drive chassis, a counterweight mechanism, a boom operating device and a hydraulic system. The chassis breaks through the traditional design method of crawler-type pipelayers. The brake clutch and the central transmission are on the same axis, and the track is arranged in a triangle, which eliminates the impact load directly transmitted from the ground to the drive sprocket and increases the life of the transmission system by 30%. The modular design of the transmission components makes assembly easier and more efficient. Easy to disassemble and maintain. The counterweight mechanism adopts a four-link method, and its coupling frame adopts a multi-axis hinged, dynamic gap balance adjustment structure, which ensures the accuracy of the four-link movement and is easy to disassemble to meet transportation requirements. The boom adopts an A-shaped single-arm frame structure, and its lifting, luffing, and counterweight retraction are all realized by hydraulic drive and pilot control, which is convenient and flexible to operate, good in micro-movement performance, and stable in operation. The whole vehicle is equipped with various safety devices such as computer torque limiter, anti-tipping protection frame and counterweight safety lock, which ensure the safety and reliability of the whole machine operation.

Main Tech Parameter

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Engine rated power (kW/rpm