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Forklift XLF180
Forklift XLF180
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Product Overview:

XLF180 is a special equipment for material handling and stacking, with a maximum lifting capacity of 18t and a maximum lifting height of 5m. The product is flexible and efficient, and can be widely used in warehousing, logistics and other fields.


Key highlights:

Flexible and efficient operation

The whole machine has a compact structure, small dimensions, and a turning radius of only 5.1m, with good site adaptability.

Proprietary flow sharing, one-button fork positioning (optional), inching control and other core technologies, with fast operation speed, good inching performance and high efficiency.

Safe and reliable, easy to use

Drawing on years of experience in crane research and development, the control system of industry products is improved and upgraded to maximize active protection.

The industry's top configuration, professional matching optimization and systematic evaluation and testing effectively guarantee the reliability of the product.


Economical and environmentally friendly, saving costs

Drawing lessons from many years of wheeled crane machine optimization and lightweight design technology, the machine is light in weight and low in fuel consumption.

The proprietary gantry potential energy recovery technology saves 20% of operating fuel consumption (optional).

People-oriented, comfortable driving

Professional shape design and man-machine engineering simulation analysis, reasonable arrangement of various climbing, maintenance passages and control parts positions, to achieve the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, the whole machine is beautiful in appearance and easy to use.

Panoramic driver's cab, high-power heating and cooling air conditioner, high-definition reversing image (optional), and people-oriented detail design make driving comfortable.

over long(mm)6795

Engine model-Cummins QSB6.7
engine rate power
Maximum grade-0.21

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