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Reach Stacker XCS45U
Reach Stacker XCS45U
0086-21-35359336  35359337

XCS45U is a North American container reach stacker developed on the basis of XCS45 for the North American market and meets the requirements of ANSIB56.1. The maximum lifting capacity of the product is 45t, and the stacking height is 5 layers. It is flexible and efficient in operation. It is widely used in ports, storage yards, container transfer stations and other places.


Key highlights:

Sensitive and precise, efficient operation

The electrical control system developed based on RTOS has fast response and sensitive operation.

Flow sharing and displacement feedback compensation technology, vertical lifting technology, and high-precision weighing detection technology have greatly improved the handling efficiency of containers.

Safe and reliable, easy to use

A number of technologies, such as detection and control of extreme working conditions such as overload and over extension, electromechanical interlock of twist lock and bypass circuit control, detection of driver's cab and driver's presence, and active protection of driving safety, have greatly improved the operation safety performance of the product.

Originally imported engines, gearboxes, drive axles and other industry-leading configurations, professional matching optimization and systematic evaluation tests, and 1,000 hours of handling and stacking intensive tests effectively ensure product reliability.


Economical and environmentally friendly, saving costs

The optimized and matched proprietary hydraulic system and power transmission system are equipped with a free guide wheel hydraulic torque converter, which reduces fuel consumption by 10%.

Comfortable driving and easy to use

Panoramic driver's cab, high-power heating and cooling air conditioner, exquisite human-computer interface, high-definition reversing image, adjustable steering wheel and seats, and people-oriented detail design make driving comfortable.

Professional industrial modeling design and ergonomics simulation analysis, humanized climbing, maintenance access and control parts layout, perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, the whole machine is beautiful in appearance and easy to use.

Engine modelQSM11
Rated power250/2100 kw/rpm
Emission standardNon-road Euro III
Major performance parameters
Max. hoisting capacity45kg
Stacking capacity2005/5/4
Max. hoisting height15100mm
Drive mode4×2, front-wheel drive
Max. gradeability30%
Total weight69.8t