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Telehandler XC6-4517K
Telehandler XC6-4517K
0086-21-35359336  35359337

The XC6-4517K telescopic jib forkloader is a multi-purpose lifting and handling equipment that combines stability and high efficiency for a variety of material handling environments. The machine has compact mechanism, flexible operation, sensitive lift, automatic leveling, high net load index and precise fork transport.

Adopt the new ergonomic cab and the whole open hood, more solid, more beautiful.

Adopt international famous brand engine, strong power; Imported telescopic arm fork installation special bridge box, stable and reliable transmission.

The world's top full hydraulic wet braking system, smooth braking, reliable, to ensure the safety of driving.

With the function of horizontal frame leveling, strong adaptability to the site, to meet the needs of complex working conditions.

The torque limiting system can be selected to meet the requirements of extreme working conditions and ensure the safety of the whole machine.

It can be equipped with a variety of tools such as cargo fork, high-altitude platform, bucket and clip to meet the personalized needs of users.

The maximum lifting height is 16.7 meters, leading the industry.

The speed is up to 35km/h with flexible mobility.

China telescopic arm fork installation leader

China telescopic boom fork installation industry standard setter.

DescriptionUnitParameter value
Gross weightkg13500
Engine powerkW82(CUMMINS)/74.9(DDE)
Rated loadkg4500
Maximum lifting heightmm16700
Maximum forward reachmm12600
Effective load at maximum forward reachkg490
Center distance of loadmm600
Luffing angle°-4~73
Fork angle°-90~18
Maximum traction forcekN≥70
Maximum traveling speedkm/h36
Turning radiusmm≤5000
Braking distancem≤10 (Initial speed 32±2km/h)
Overall lengthmm6960
Overall widthmm2500
Overall heightmm2850
Wheel treadmm2060
Fork lengthmm1200